Wednesday, February 29, 2012

30-Day Song Challenge : Day 8

Une chanson que je connais par coeur? Il y en a plusieurs, mais j'ai décidé d'en choisir une qui a une place un peu spéciale dans mon coeur. Cette interprétation m'a marquée, et les paroles sont magnifiques.

A song that I know by heart? There are some, but I chose one that I have a special connection with. This interpretation has marked me, and the lyrics are wonderful.

DAY 8 : L'aigle noir - Marie Carmen

Cette chanson aurait également pu figurer lors de la première journée de ce challenge. Il y a une émotion dans cette chanson que je ne saurais décrire. Certains avancent que cette chanson parle d'un enfant qui a été abusé par son père, d'autres qu'elle traite de nos illusions perdues et de ces rêves qu'on se souvient un beau jour...

First of all, here's a quick and dirty homemade translation :
One day or one night
I fell asleep near a lake
When suddenly, piercing the sky
Coming from nowhere, a black eagle popped up

Slowly, his wings spread
Slowly, I saw him twirling
Near me, rustling his wings
As if he fell from the sky the bird landed.

He had eyes color of honey
And feathers as dark as the night
On his forehead, sparkling,
The crowned bird king was wearing a blue diamond

With his beak, he touched my cheek
In my hand, he slipped its neck
And then, I recognized him
Popping up from the past, he had came back to me

Say, bird, oh say... take me away
Let's go back to the bygone land
Just as before, in my childhood dreams
Shivering, picking up some stars, some stars.

Just as before, in my childhood dreams
Just as before, on a white cloud
Just as before, light up the sun,
To be a rain-maker and make marvels

The black eagle, rustling its wings
Flew off to reach back the sky

This song could have been featured on the first day of this challenge. there is a strong emotion underlying this song, one that I can't put in words. Some say this song is about a child being abused by its father, others that it is about remembering our lost dreams, our lost illusions ...

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